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Need an advice, ask a machine!

Upcoming startups have started using AI as it allows in building a good scale of network and useful interaction processes without having a huge team of people at disposal.

Over recent years, several technological contents have been upgraded in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for better understanding of systems between computers and computer software which are capable of intelligent behaviour. AI has been used in a wide range of fields like medical, law, engineering, stock trading etc. Tools are specifically designed for the use of AI to make it function more smartly.

Subsequently these all factors led FitCircle and AdviceSure to implement AI in their designs. FitCircle, a fitness startup designed by fitness experts enables you to chat with experts on issues like weight loss and stamina build-up. AI has made things easier and has provided a good interface for interaction. A diet and fitness plan is provided to the users registered on FitCircle without any interaction with a human being. Based on one’s health data, FitCircle interprets and matches the user’s profile using AI to suitably provide the best matched diet plans from its 600 diet plans database.

AI has been useful for AdviceSure as well, which deals with investment aspects. Users visit this site to schedule their appointments to seek financial advice. AI enables the system to identify and match the categories of advisors and type of queries so as to suggest them the perfect advice. This site offers you the best investment advice based on a set of six questions, answered by the user, which is determined with the help of algorithm.

These startups have also used machine learning system and chat bots to improve their services. The generated data after the implementation of AI was found to be quite relevant to the customers.

Though it needs good investment, building and upgrading AI will be abundantly focused on, in the near future. The only factor needed to the companies using AI, is an expert team to answer every query.


• Artificial Intelligence has been used in fields like medical ,law ,engineering ,stock trading etc
• Startups like FitCircle and AdviceSure have implemented AI in their designs building and upgrading AI will be abundantly focused on, in the near future


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