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Nailing the Job of Your Dreams: 5 Key Elements of a Winning Resume

Whether you’re newly graduated looking for your first job, or you’re looking for a change in careers, your resume will be a key component in obtaining your desired job. Just like people, all resumes are different. There are certain aspects to resumes that separate the good from the great. Here are five key elements of a winning resume.

Contact Information

Although it sounds simple and easy, it tends to be forgotten. Information such as your phone number, email address, name, city, and state should all be included. Hire professional resume writers if you do not feel confident preparing your resume.

Additional information such as your social media accounts and personal websites should also be included. When sharing your social media account, make sure it is cleaned up. Many people are denied opportunities because of the inappropriate behavior displayed on their social media accounts. Also, make sure your contact information is placed near the top or somewhere easy to see. You don’t want employers to have to search for your information.


Some people can speak multiple languages or are good with computers, so make sure your employer is aware of any skills you possess. Most employers will give out a job posting explaining what skills they are looking for.

If you don’t possess the desired skills, list the other skills you think may be beneficial. For more complicated jobs, make sure you list all your skills you think others may not have. This is good, as it separates you and informs the employer that you can do some things in the workplace that others can’t. This is especially good for jobs working with electronics—something not a lot of people understand.


This is the most important part of your resume. Employers will look at your previous experience to judge how you would perform in their occupational setting. When listing your work experience, focus on your role rather than just the company.

Many people tend to just state where they worked and how long they worked there. Make sure to mention what you did while you were there. Whether you were the cashier or the manager, it is important to note your contribution.


The main problem people experience with the education portion is selecting a location for it. Make your education section very visible. If you have college experience, make sure you put it down. Some people will just write that they graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Be specific, say what college you attended and what you majored in. Also, provide your GPA and any academic accolades.


Your summary is the introduction to your resume. Just like an essay or book, you want to capture the reader’s attention. The summary helps the employer get to know you as a person and not just a worker. This section should be about a small paragraph long. Long enough to introduce yourself, but not so long you’re telling your life story. Three to five sentences is optimal.

This paragraph should include your name, a skill valuable to the job you are applying for, and an accomplishment or fact about yourself.

Nailing your resume is the first step to getting your desired job, therefore it should be taken very seriously. Including the five components given will only benefit your resume.

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