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MIT Students Make Wireless Device That Tells About Actual Human Emotions

One Device, Multiple Applications

Mingmin Zhao, Fadel Adib and Dina Katabi from MIT”s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have developed an EQ-Radio that uses wireless technology to understand how a person is actually feeling at any given moment.

How It Works?

No matter if you get away with lying to your partner or your spouse about it, but this machine can definitely get to know how you are feeling inside. It bounces off wireless signals at your body. With the help of these reflected signals and using specific alogarithms, it notes your heartbeat. In the next step, it closely compares the successive heartbeats and measures them. By just monitoring your heartbeats, EQ-Radio can tell how you are feeling from inside. The best part is that you no longer need to be covered with those ECG patches and wires. The team of three claims that their device is up to 87% accurate in terms of results.

Potential Applications

The MIT team claims that their device can now be efficiently used for lie detection by law enforcement agencies. In addition to this application, EQ-Radio might also be of great to movie producers to know the how their audience feel about a test screening. They will be able to exactly understand which scenes and what moments affect their audience and how. Even smart homes, when connected to this device, could be able to auto-adjust room heating, lighting and other variables based on the residents’ data. In healthcare, doctors could use this device to keep track of emotional state of their patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress-related problems.

The team is still exploring several more applications for its use. Keep an eye on this space to get latest updates on EQ-Radio.

What other areas can this device be used in? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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