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Mirraw Ethic Jewelry ecommerce platform – The rise from rags to riches


Bootstrapping Mirraw Ethnic eCommerce platform. It started with Rs.1Lac and highly profitable venture.

Ecommerce is a huge platform in India, but with that there is also a stiff competition. Still taking a step into vision two entrepreneurs start an ecommerce platform for Ethic collection. Called as Mirraw it is an online ecommerce ethnic jewelry platform. Founded by two entrepreneurs Shailesh kumar Jain and Anup Nair.  But coming up with a different strategy Mirraw target imitation jeweller on-line, offering a wide range of products around the country. The site is also expanded in offering products under ethnic wear, saris and salwar kameez including shawl, home decoration, crafts, etc.

Keeping the entire ethnic story into picture, Mirraw is an ideal platform for those who are looking for ethnic products. Both started with rupees 1 lac as the initial start investment. The venture perform well and end with a total revenue of 100crore plus.  Mirraw is an encouraging startup. Recent news cover a dark phase of startup who is unable to collect enough funding in the second round, Mirraw is a good example. Mirraw fits well in the category of startup that bootstrapped. With minimal funding and only vision, Mirraw perform pretty well and crawled on high profitable venture.

Eventually every startup raise funds and the burn the money pretty fast to stable themselves. Mirraw rather took a lot safer model with substantial growth. As per Anup Nair, just pumping funds to the startup is a common scenario that does not attach brand value in long run. What matter is to build up a key strategy that can keep the startup in the game in long run? However many startups do fall with lack of structure. The initial year are just to strengthen the business and create a brand value in the market, and then comes the next part when you build up a business upon it.


  • Mirraw was started with less resources and no funding.
  • It end with 100crore plus profile at the end of financial year.
  • Exclusive platform for ethnic jewellery and fashion.

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