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Milo wants to make traveling productive and fun with Workaway Camps

In November, 2016, Milo began work on its initial development as a productivity startup to enable professionals to organize and arrange meetings with real time features. We soon realized that the company isn’t built by just the technology but the people.

The startup community has been closely tied up due to various startup communities and organizations who has contributed so much to build an ecosystem that helps each other but more so then ever the events or meetup cannot facilitate a person to build trust for long term. It requires consistency and regularity to make that happen. We wanted that trust to be built not in months via several events or regular meetups but in a very small duration, As small as just 3 days to build deeper connection and long term relationships with each other through experiences and enjoy the journey together.

They introduced Milo Workaway Camp to make the journey more flourishing for all the amazing entrepreneurs who love to travel and work. The founder says “we believe that traveling is one of most important part of building the mindset of an entrepreneur or anyone working in any profession. It opens up the mind and let you explore unimaginable things. The best part of what we wanted to introduce is that work isn’t supposed to be in a office. We believe that productivity has a lot to do with the environment you are in and the people around you that make the most impact in your growth,  we are focused on building that culture through our camps.”

The first Workaway Camp is in Goa on 28th April. 3 days, 10 people, 1 villa. Exciting fun, talks, meetups and adventure activities to build deeper connections with curated entrepreneurs all across India.

For more information and apply for the camp, visit –

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