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Metamind an AI startup now part of Salesforce

Salesforce acquire Metamind AI data processing company in a unclosed deal

Merging and Acquisition are common factors in the startup world. Companies combine with new startups to expand their area of operation. It helps many companies to find up a relative startup that can boost their existing products and services. It will enhance the work process, build an accurate decision making model and many relative services. Metamind is an AI startup founded a couple of years ago.

It was launched with $8M funding and now it is acquired by Salesforce. The company deal with a cloud based CRM products. Through AI, Salesforce will try to enhance its products offering powerful solutions to end users. The funding was backed by Mr. Marc Benioff who is Salesforce CEO. Other investors were Khosla Ventures.

Things are pretty not clear how Metamind would help Sales force in the business expansion, but being a powerful CRM platform, AI learning will improvise it a lot.  Metamind expertise in the area of deep learning. It is focused mainly on the data processing specializing in natural language processing. Metamind has gained a good exposure around the globe in terms of AI service.

Such AI process will improvise and enhance automated decision making. It will also simplify and improve the existing products making it more accurate for the users.  After integrating the services with Saleforce, Metamind products will be discounted for the unpaid users. The services will become paid later on.


  • Salesforce acquire Metamind AI learning startup in a unclosed deal.
  • Salesforces is a leading cloud based CRM provider in US.

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