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Mercari mobile e-Commerce first Japanese startup that worth $1 billion


Mercari  Inc. a mobile eCommerce platform that offers travellers a $5 per night stay is founded by Shintaro Yamado, worth $1 billion atleast.

Mercari is japans’ first startup that has a value of around $1 billion. The start-up was founded by a 34 year old traveller Shintaro Yamada. It’s his own personal problem that forced him to found Mercari. Mercari offers a $5 per night stay for travelers. Shintaro left his job to travel around the world. The first problem he faced is to find cheap night stay. He started staying in those hostels that charge $5 per night. But without any perks. Like no hot water, no clean place, etc.

Over 6 months he travelled to more 23 different countries. This trip charged up Shintaro to create a company that can help travellers of different country to get a lot various budget accessories that will help them to have a comfortable stay. He targeted those villages that have a mobile connectivity. And they build up a company that offers a mobile eCommerce platform to those who want to share their products with many. Today Mercari Inc. worth minimum $1 billion. Technology driven start-up has potential to expand fast. As a service it helped many people to earn and to share.

Mercari Inc. is one among those successful projects. It is not only helpful for travellers, but to those who want to make income if have a extra space left. This platform with exchange of money will let many people around the globe to have a substantial income. Shinataro is now in the process to  build a better strategy that can boost Mercari in US as well. The service is already popular in many places.


  • Mercari Inc. app has downloaded around 32 million times in last three year.
  • It offers the most affordable one night stay to travelers.
  • Mercari is now is a popular ecommerce platform for everyone to buy and sell.

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