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Maven Women- Startup Helping Women To Dress Environmentally Conscious

Clothing will now contribute to pollution free environment

Maven Woman – being stylish as well as being sustainable

There are various startups in fashion and clothing sector that lets you rent, buy clothes but a Washington D.C based startup, Maven Woman, is now taking this trend to new level. It brings in new unique concept i.e. filling the gap between being stylish and being sustainable. It provides various clothing options for women which is both environmentally and socially conscious.

Company values and approach

The company follows these prominent six values – supply chain awareness, global women’s empowerment, connectivity and education, restorative justice, natural beauty and slow fashion. Their approach is also different than other companies. They first design, get feedback, invest and at the end create the outfit. It follows co-creation process where anyone can vote on the clothes design; this helps their customers to create concrete connection to fashion industry rather than feeling an outsider. The materials used for clothing are organic cotton, baby alpaca, silk and tencel instead of synthetic materials as they create waste and pollution.

Not only creating environmental sustainability, the company also looks on various issues which affects women such as donation to causes like domestic violence, preventing domestic violence, celebrating Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It considers women in its entire decision making.

What does founder have to say about it?

Rebecca Ballad, founder and CEO of the Maven Women wants to create a different experience for women clothing that will feel like they are contributing to environment and massive pollution. She views each consumer’s purchasing power as a form of advocacy to create a kinder, gentler world.

What do you think about environmental sustainability approach in clothing ? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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