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How to make a Kickass Pitch Deck

Let us start with knowing what exactly Pitch Deck is! Pitch Deck is essentially your key to raise money from the potential investors or if you are bootstrapping, then an ostentatious presentation to be presented to your co-founders, partners or customers for that matter. Though readymade traditional Pitch Decks are available online on many websites, there are some things that you principally should omit and include,so as to make it a remarkable one.  Let’s take you through each slide to be included in your Pitch Deck and tips on how to break free from a traditional Pitch Deck format.

  1. Introduction and Vision:

Undoubtedly, the first slide of presentation needs to be the Introduction and Vision of your startup. But, nothing can be a better buzz kill than a lengthy introduction startup. Be crisp and clear about the introduction and vision. Make sure that you characterize presentation in such a way, that the investor is left with no query to ask about the startup’s vision.


  1. Product/services:

Go right ahead with the product or service your startup has to offer. Ideally, this should cover all the points about why this product is a requisite for the current market. Tell them how and what all problems would be solved by your product/service; in what way it would be beneficial for the users. Build such a progressive image of the product, that the listener turns evangelist of your brand.


  1. Competitors:

This is one of the most important slides, which is usually sidestepped. Investors are enormously interested in who all are the rival companies to put your startup in jeopardy. Analyzing the risks in the market is an important virtue to be concentrated on. Validate the fact to make your startup stand out from your competitors. Authenticate how your contenders are incompetent in solving the problems, which your startup can solve.


  1. Traction:

Traction is the customer base which marks your influential presence in the market. Screening your traction is imperative in order to ensure investors that they can set their faith in your company. It is unwise to lie about this figure and be realistic. If you are in a growing phase, mention the expected surge in your potential customer base. This is an important slide as this shows you rationalized penetration in the market.


  1. Revenue model:

This is as vital as building the business model. This provides the exact information on the monetary returns to the investors. The exact figures of expected inflow of money and precise analytics are the prerequisite to gain investor’s trust. A slide displaying robust revenue model which includes all the risk factors will catch investors to no bounds.

05.revenue model

  1. Team:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”- Michael Jordan. Success of the startup depends on how the virtuous the team is. And the prospective investors know this. So when they are putting bucks in your startup, they are actually betting it on the team.  So showing off the company’s highly accomplished, credible and ardent team is recommended in this slide. Concluding with this slide is a very good idea, as the proficient team imprints good vibes on the investors.


Key Takeaways:

  • There is nothing as boring as a lengthy presentation. Go for a Short and Sweet Pitch Deck.
  • Present exact figures and analytics wherever needed, as business-minded people understand the language of numbers well.
  • Do not over hype anything. Stay ethical without boasting lies about your company.

Have a look on some of the best  Pitch Deck Presentations:-


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