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Magic Leap Technology – See the World through Virtual Reality

Ever thought of Virtual Display replacing almost every other screen? Well a startup called Magic Leap is making a headset implanted with high resolution augmented reality (AR) which impeccably overlaps virtual images on the real world.

Virtual Reality is a sensation amongst companies manufacturing digital products. One of the most impressive companies on the visual forefront is Magic Leap, founded by Rony Abovitz. Magic Leap is working on a headset which uses augmented reality (AR) to create the best illusion that virtual objects truly exists.  The company targets removal of all the screens from your life and replace it with virtual display.

So what exactly is virtual display? Let’s have a have sneak peek of what Magic Leap is about to offer us:

The headset expected to release is said to be different that other AR systems like Microsoft’s Hololens or Meta AR. This supposition is outcome of a statement by founder Rony Abovitz wherein he referred to it as ‘mixed reality’ instead of AR.  The company has filed for patent application, still not revealing much information about the looks of headset.

This headset intends to be a versatile gadget. The gadget that replaces all other gadget in your life and arrange for whatever you need, from entertainment to all the apps which make your life easier.

Key takeaways:

  • Magic Leap a US based startup is making a headset which uses augmented reality (AR) which superimposes virtual images on the real world.
  • This gadget expected to be different than Microsoft’s Hololens and Meta AR.
  • This headset aims to become a versatile gadget that replaces every other gadget in your life.

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