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Made in India Medical technology startups

Healthcare becomes much easier with the emerging med-tech sector !

These days we see people in our vicinity falling sick almost everyday. Human health at present has been exposed to maximum risks ever experienced because of the alarming lifestyle and fading environmental scenarios.Made in India Technology  is indeed a well-known fact that the Health-care Industry is one of the biggest emerging industries globally.

However, looking at the Indian health-care market in contemporary times, the market for medical technology is small because of its emerging stage and also because it is a highly fragmented sector.But the Indian market for medical technology is rapidly expanding as a recently conducted research predicts India’s healthcare sector to alone grow to $280 billion by 2020.

Foreseeing its demand lets take few Indian startups from the med- tech sector and explore their innovations.

Medaino Healthcare –Simplifying the way we understand our body.

 This Delhi-based startup was founded by Shubham Agarwal and Nitish Hooda in 2014.They have developed a lifestyle device which helps understand our body better. It takes data from our vital stats and analyses it based on our daily habits.It then tries reaching a logical conclusion; based on it we can make corrections in our lifestyle habits to improve our health and thus live longer happily. Mediano’s device uses artificial intelligence, to learn and understand the behavioral traits and normal tolerance levels of the user, based on which the device will give a customized analysis.

You can Pre-Book the device here –

Forus Health Private Limited.

Founded in 2010, Bengaluru-based Forus Health is a med-tech company started by a group of engineers aiming to eradicate avoidable blindness globally with their technology. They are not only operating in India but are also operating abroad.Over the years this startup has designed and developed affordable technology solutions to increase access and affordability of the eye care.

Forus Health‘s 3nethra is a technology innovation that helps in screening of common eye problems which can lead to blindness. It is simple, portable rugged and can be operated by a minimally trained technician. This technology has increasingly connected patients from remote corners of the world closer to ophthalmologists across countries.

For a detailed explanation about their work, visit their website

Remidio Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Bengaluru-based Remidio has found a cost-effective remedy for retinopathy. Their solution is completely consumer friendly where one can easily detect the warning signs of blindness with the help of their smartphone. The only requirement for the same demands Remidio’s device called Fundus on Phone (FOP) to be connected via smartphone for use. Through this device, anybody can practically capture images of the patient’s eye/retina and show it to any ophthalmologists across the globe for diagnosis.

Gone are those days with the birth of Remidio, when one required wide-field imaging camera costing around Rs.65 lakh to obtain complete image of the retina. Now this is possible with Remidio’s FOP device for only Rs1.8 lakh to take pictures of the central part of the retina.

To explore their startup in detail, visit their website: –

Sattva Medtech

Based in Bangalore, Sattva Medtech is a 2014 founded Medical Devices Start-up by Vibhav Joshi, Sumedh Kaulgud along with few other BITS Pilani alumni; focusing on child and maternal healthcare. Having its niche, this startup is building a next generation fetal distress monitoring device to address 300,000 annual perinatal deaths.Theirfetal distress monitor named “Sattva Fetal Lite” is designed and engineered for use in India and other low-and-mid-income countries, says the founder.

Get detailed information about them on their website;

Dozee and Vitals

Med-tech startup, Dozee and Vitals led the invention of a wireless device built by Bengaluru-based Turtle Shell Technologies, that lets monitor your vitals without involving any poking or prodding. All you need to do is just go to bed!

Dozee records the vibrations produced by your body during sleep. These vibrations are classified into several meaningful features like heart-rate, breathing rate, sleep cycles, snoring, restless leg movement etc. The data is then processed using deep learning algorithms for sleep stage classification. The learning engine is trained using scientific polysomnography data, in human sleep research lab, NIMHANS, Bangalore.

Detailed information can be obtained through the mentioned website address of the startup;


Founded in 2012, Diabeto is a Mumbai and US-based Medical Devices Mobile Technology Company. So all those diabetic patients out here reading this stuff, this one is especially for you.Startup led by Mr. Shreekant Pawar, Diabeto helps people manage their diabetes with their innovative hardware and software tools.

One such tool is their device called Diabeto. It is a non intrusive, Bluetooth powered hardware device that wirelessly transmits glucose readings from a Glucometer into a smartphone. These readings can then be analyzed with the help of a smartphone application for better manageability of Diabetes.

To learn better,how they are going to help you fight diabetes, visit their website;


Lybrate is India’s first and largest online doctor consultation platform started in the year 2014. By seamlessly connecting doctors and patients through their health app and making them communicate using mobile phones, they believe in making healthcare more accessible.

All they require is your active involvement in their missionto change the way healthcare is delivered in India. Led by Mr.Saurabh Arora few months ago, this startup launched India’s first doctor consultation bot on Facebook Messenger as well, building their vision of taking healthcare to wherever people are!

You can browse their services online through their website;

Advanced Med Tech

Based in Haryana, India, this startup provides quality, cost effective consumables and ENT, Ophthalmic, Dental, Gynecology and Pathological Equipments to the healthcare industry. Their products mostly include equipments that are handy requirements’ for medical practitioners and laboratorians.

To explore their work, visit their website;

Cyclops MedTech Pvt. Ltd.

Cyclops MedTech Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore; India based medical technology startup founded by Dr. Ravi Nayar and his team working extensively on vestibular, surgical and eye tracking solutions. Their vision is to create highly innovative, cost effective medical technology and devices which can dramatically expand the diagnosis horizon and thereby aid in faster and better cure.

For further details; visit their website: –

Coeo Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Founded by Nitesh Kumar Jangir and Nachiket Deval in 2014, COEO Labs is a Bangalore based MedTech startup company, which develops innovative medical devices with focus on Emergency, Trauma and Critical Care.

The projects that COEO Labs is working on are as follows:

  • Prevention of Ventilator associated pneumonia in intubated patients in the ICU.
  • Faster and temporary management of complications of raised Intracranial pressure in patients with traumatic brain injury.
  • A mechanical CPAP for neonates with respiratory distress syndrome in resource constrained settings.

For further details, visit their website: –

With the above innovations in medical technology, we can say that medtech is a growing sector in India. It’s time to make best use of these startups for our healthcare and patronize their efforts.

What all innovations would you like to see from the Indian medtech sector? Do let us know. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below:-

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