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Love For Startups, And Startup For Love

If the startup journey can be compared to any other thing in this world, then love would be an appropriate thing to come up with. Love can be the best metaphor to the startup journey as both of them go through similar ordeals, tests, and difficulties, but come out successful if it is passionate, strong and genuine. Check out for parallels between startups and love.

Both love and entrepreneurship need the same spark to begin with. A factor that inspires you so much that you really want to do it and you cannot live without it. The same level of madness and insanity accounts for both. Both love and entrepreneurship fires up your passion and ambition that you are literally willing to do anything to make it successful. Both are meant for the strong willed ones who can take up this pursuit.

Motivation comes from within

For every other thing in this world, you need constant push and motivation But when it comes to the person you love, it is clearly your need and you are always self-reminded of how important it is to your life. You are not willing to give it up at any cost. Same is for an entrepreneur; he knows how important his goal is.

The fight

Love accounts for a lot of fights. Convincing you each other’s families, taking the tests and interviews by the in-laws and what not! Isn’t it the same amount of battle and struggle to establish your firm? The initial funding, finding the workforce, the right customers, and marketing your product you have to go through millions of tests and tasks. Both ways you need to prove it to the rest of the world as to how genuine and awesome your love is.

The maintenance

The initial success of your product is just a kick starter to your big dream. A lot depends on how well you maintain your startup with the same level of passion and dedication. However big your startup grows, the responsibilities to maintain it also get higher. Similarly the initial success of your love story say it be getting the girl to confess or even successfully managing to get married, things do not end in a happily ever after. It is just the beginning of the struggle. You need to be constantly working to keep the relationship alive. There are going to be many more hurdles that your relationship will have to cross throughout.

The sacrifices

The journey would have been much easier, ales riskier, and more comfortable if you were just sitting in a large company where you have a stable and stress free career. But you chose to be different. You chose not to go by the easier path, but take the road that was less travelled so that you can make a difference to your own life and inspire the others. Same is the case for love. You will have to make a lot of sacrifices for winning the love of your life.



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