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London based Startup developing an app that calls for help, when you scream

Scream to call the police!

About 35% of women worldwide face violence. The percentage can be reduced if help can reach at right time. The fastest way to contact someone is using a Smartphone. Gps allows sending exact location and a call on emergency number is enough. Many of us use Smartphone’s. Certain apps are designed to transmit SOS message if you are in danger, but that requires a manual process. You have to pull out the Smartphone and activate the app to send a distress signal. A London based startup founded by Uta de Veer and Lane Clements Mclean, is working on an app that can listen to your scream. Once identified as a threat, the app can send message on emergency number to notify police.

The app is under development phase. Release of final version is unclear. OneScream is offering a testing version to the first 500 users through its website.

The idea of OneScream was born on the foundation of personal experience faced by one of the founder. Escaping mugging and rape, contributed to the birth of this app. Challenge was to build a tech-driven smart solution that can save life. Considering the facts that scream is a natural response to panic, the app is designed to hear it. You have to leave the app working in the background. It is capable of listening to scream even if the phone is in the bag with no manual activation.

According to the features on the official website the app is able to identify the difference between types of scream. It won’t listen if you are in concert or roller coaster. It also does not work if you are using any voice-activated app.


  • OneScream app can listen to your panic scream and send a automated message to emergency number.
  • The app usage is limited to London only. The startup has not raised any funds.

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