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Listen to music at full volume on a speaker without disturbing others

Just imagine listening to music from a speaker without disturbing anyone around you. Sound impossible. A French company, Akoustic Arts, has developed unidirectional speakers called “A”.  

Akoustic Arts ‘A’ is unidirectional speaker model designed in such a way that you can listen to music without bothering anyone. A high volume the speaker throws sounds in one direction. Only the person who is sitting in front would be able to listen audio and other won’t hear anything. “A” world’s most advanced directional speaker. It will use revolutionary ultrasonic technology to point sound directly at a single listener, while excluding everyone nearby.

It’s quite different from the standard speakers. It creates a narrow beam of sound that focuses on a precise area. Think of A as a torch, except it is firing out sound instead of light. The product is developed into 2 sizes -junior and original and it has no Bluetooth connectivity. Instead of Bluetooth, each speaker connects to external kit via simple 3.5mm socket. It is set to go on sale in September 2016. The junior product will cost you $350, while the larger original will cost you $550.

A’s unique feature is its ability to diversify listeners with others. So you crank up the audio to any level without disturbing others. Thus one can seek privacy to what they are listening to. It provides an experience closer to a pair of headphones rather than a desktop speaker. Watch this sneak peek on how it works:


  • Listen to music on speaker without bothering anyone.
  • Akoustic Arts “A” is amongst most advanced directional speaker.
  • It comes in two sizes: Original and Junior, which costs around $550 and $350 respectively.

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