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LinkedIn Acquires a San-Francisco based Startup, Run Hop

The largest business-oriented social networking online platform, LinkedIn buys Run Hop for distributing content online. Run Hop is a small online content distribution startup.

Founded in the year 2014, Run Hop is a small San-Francisco startup specializing in online content distribution, which is acquired by LinkedIn. The renowned social networking site was interested in investing in content to make feeds more engaging. The talent of a professional team of writers at Run Hop assures LinkedIn the desired output of content. However, the acquisition amount by LinkedIn still remains undisclosed.

The startup will provide content-related services like articles, videos, feeds and so on. The co-founders of Run Hop are Pete Davies and Evan Solomon. Now, Mr. Davies is appointed as the Senior Product Manager of the content team, guiding them to produce articles, videos and posts. Moreover, Mr. Davies will decide on the content planning of the website.  While, Mr. Solomon is appointed as a senior software engineer at LinkedIn.

Before starting Run Hop, the duo worked at Medium, a digital publishing firm headed by Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter. In February this year, LinkedIn had acquired Connectifier,an  another startup which facilitates job search with the help of technology.


  • LinkedIn buys a San-Francisco based Startup, Run Hop
  • Run Hop specializes in developing content and hence, it will be working on making feeds engaging.
  • The buying amount still remains undisclosed by LinkedIn.

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