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Leading Indians ChatBot Startups You Must Know About

Chatbots – The computer programs that make daily and complicated tasks easy are all set to become commonplace and popular. Chatbots are a combination of artificial intelligence and language processing technology. They provide automated responses, which however seem human and personal to the user. They allow the user to do tasks such as book a train ticket, buy a particular product, set a reminder and a lot more. As the world is shifting towards messaging apps, it is estimated that many people are going to rely on Chatbots to get things done. Chatbots give the impression of a human interaction through artificial intelligence.

Along with a number of international companies, Indian companies have joined this field, and are all ready to impress their users with the personalized assistance. From ordering cabs and recharging phones to online shopping and weight loss advice, these apps have impressed investors and users alike.

1. (Techbins Solutions Pvt. Ltd) : helps users to order cabs from services such as Ola or Uber. Users can recharge their mobile phones. Users can also do online shopping quickly and easily.  Termed as the personalized shopping assistant, the company plans to make this bot a destination for all of purchasing. is fully automated and does not feature any human interaction. How does this app make money? Through commissions on transactions on the app.

2. Prepathon :

Prepathon messages students the topic of the day, it answers questions and also sends across motivational messages. Aimed at helping students perform better at their exams, this chatbot is making their life easier. After messaging the topic of the day, if the students do not complete it, the chatbot keeps sending reminders. The company also plans to roll out more bots on Prepathon– such as a bot for announcing key deadlines, a bot for revision and more.

3. FitCircle :

FitCircle is a health and fitness chatbot which offers users personalized weight loss workouts, personalized yoga guidance and similar features. It also offers nutrition guidance. According to the company, chatbot have an enormous opportunity compared to the traditional apps as they give a personalized experience and options, unlike a drop down menu with limited options. The company plans to launch many more features under this platform.

4. Payjo :

Payjo is a messenger chatbot which helps users recharge their phones and set reminders to recharge their phones. With a large number of Indian consumers using prepaid plans, this chatbot is expected to draw in more users in the future. This app also suggests the best plans for your network. In addition to English, Payjo is available in a number of Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu.

5. ixibaba by ixigo :

ixibaba is your one-stop destination for all your travel queries. This chatbot can provide answers to questions related to travelling including cab fares, flights, hotels, places to see and a lot more. Moreover, ixibaba also offers information on timings of flight, routes, weather, all on a real time basis.

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