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Laravel – Make you feel faster and more enjoyable for PHP programming

For a long time, there was a mass of various competing frameworks ravishing the PHP community. For the most part, conferences only discussed what they plan to achieve and what their framework has accomplished over the years. This led to fierce competition by these frameworks over the one that performed better than the others.

At this junction, the Laravel framework set in. It was created by Taylor Otwell, and its purpose was to develop a web application using the architectural pattern of the MVC (model view controller). Laravel was created to have elegant and expressive syntax. Its goal is to make web applications truly enjoyable thereby creating a fulfilling experience for the web developer. It makes use of common tasks like routing, sessions, authentication and caching, hence; web development can become a simplified process for all.

The founder, Taylor Otwell deserve commendation for this unique development. Within a year, he succeeded in building a large network of smart developers who are prepared to follow the course of Laravel. The concept has been described as the most prominent PHP framework on GitHub. Among the 35 000 designers in the globe, there have been significant highlights for this stage. This could be more reason why web developers are adopting the Laravel framework while abandoning other frameworks. This is a significant achievement in the PHP community.

The outstanding benefits of Laravel

Benefit #1: It involves an authentication process whereby web app owners need to be sure that the web users are identified so there would be no unauthorized access to the secured/paid resources. This authentication process is made easy with Laravel. The entire authentication process and control is organized and delivered by Laravel in a unique way.

Benefit #2: Laravel understands the various security risks present, and thus, it helps to secure against it by protecting the web application. Such processes include cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting. Laravel denotes security in all sense. It has a uniquely guarded codebase that has been vetted by several users.

Benefit #3: Laravel handles errors in a manner that still beats the imagination of its users. This has contributed to the higher satisfaction derived from the framework, and it has also increased its usage. If a framework fails to handle errors accurately, a user may think such errors are emanating from the application itself.This can further dissuade such user from using the application the next time. Laravel understands the significance of error handling, so it embedded powerful error handling capability into the Laravel framework. It is also integrated into the Monolog logging library that gives support services to several powerful handlers.

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