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Kissht: Bridging the Credit Gap for Digital Shoppers

In the bustling financial hub of Mumbai, Karan Mehta and Krishnan Vishwanathan embarked on a journey to reshape the lending landscape. Their brainchild, Kissht, founded in 2015, is a financial technology platform that facilitates easy and fast credit for purchases made at digital points of sale. Their story is a testament to innovation, addressing the challenges of credit accessibility for millions of consumers.

The co-founders’ journey began with a deep understanding of the gaps in the Indian lending market. They recognized the need for an inclusive platform that provides credit solutions to underserved populations who often lacked access to traditional financial institutions. Karan and Krishnan decided to bridge this credit gap by offering hassle-free, digital credit solutions to individuals and businesses. Kissht’s innovative approach is based on the idea of enabling easy credit at the point of sale, making it a seamless process for consumers to make their desired purchases.

The platform leverages financial technology, data analytics, and automation to evaluate creditworthiness and provide instant credit decisions. This approach has been pivotal in empowering consumers to make purchases that were once financially out of reach. Their journey took a significant leap forward with substantial investments from recognized venture capitalists. Funding rounds that included Vertex Ventures, Endiya Partners, and Navi Technologies demonstrated a strong vote of confidence in Kissht’s vision and its potential to disrupt the lending industry. Karan and Krishnan are at the forefront of social entrepreneuring, addressing a fundamental need for credit accessibility. The revolutionary idea behind Kissht has empowered consumers, especially those with limited access to traditional credit, to fulfill their aspirations and improve their quality of life.

Beyond the financial aspect, this approach plays a crucial role in boosting consumer confidence and encouraging spending, ultimately contributing to economic growth. Their journey with Kissht showcases the profound impact of fintech innovation in making credit more accessible and affordable for individuals, ensuring that no one is left behind. By closing the credit gap, Karan Mehta and Krishnan Vishwanathan have left an indelible mark on the Indian financial landscape, emphasizing that financial inclusion is not just an idea but a reality worth pursuing.

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