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When The King Of The Pitch, Decides To Master The Stitch!

Sachin Tendulkar Playing a New Innings with True Blue

The True Colors of TrueBlue

The man who needs no introduction, Sachin Tendulkar recently launched its menswear brand ‘TrueBlue’on the renowned e-commerce website, Myntra. Founded in May 2016, True Blue is in partnership with fashion retailer Arvind Fashion Brands. This newly launched fashion range includes premium menswear apparel like summer suits, shirts, t-shirts, waistcoats, chinos and other basics. It is available in all sizes.


TrueBlue is a reflection of Tendulkar’s identity and the way he senses fashion. For him, fashion is personal comfort expressing an individual’s style. Moreover, fashion is not just a demonstration for him. Currently, Sachin is trying to make True Blue an emerging iconic brand of India.

Why Myntra?

The reason for associating with Myntra is to push the reach across the country. Myntra offers a number of brands and True Blue, now being amongst them. Celebrity fashion range is easier to promote rather than a fresh fashion brand. Off late, celebrities are coming up with their own fashion line.

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Will True Blue work for its collection or it will just remain a name because of Sachin Tendulkar? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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