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Kerala Startup makes Drinking Water from Air

Step towards water sustainable world!

As you know, water shortage is everywhere. Lack of clean and accessible water is universally acknowledged crisis. In such hour, Kerala-based startup, Uravu Labs comes to rescue. They’ve developed a device that can source drinking water from thin air.

Alternative for Water

The apparatus named; ‘EVA’ meaning ‘Life’; can produce nearly 200 litres of fresh water a day, at a cost of Rs. 1.5-2 per litre. Volume however, is slated to increase as equipment is refined, says founder; Mr. Shrivastav. Expected to launch in next three-four months; this product has already been tested in Hyderabad, Kozhikode and Bengaluru; producing successful results.

Eva works on vapour compression refrigeration system. It converts humidity in the atmosphere into water. Air is cooled to the point; water vapour undergoes condensation, to be then converted to liquid state. The water collected is purified with a filter and is mixed with minerals to make it potable. Hence, the needs to lay pipelines and pump water are eliminated as water becomes easily accessible to everyone.

Main Features

Produces Purified Drinking Water: Eva contains air filters to make water potable. They have a three-stage purification process; filtering out suspended particulate matter, even of 0.3 microns in size. Also, toxic gases get absorbed and harmful particles like carbon soot, present in the liquid get removed.

Besides, Water generated from condensing air needs to have minerals added, so that it’s fit for consumption. That the reason, Eva has a cartridge attached that adds the required minerals to the water, also balancing its pH (acidity) level.

Portable Device: Eva looks no different from a double-door refrigerator, in both shape and size. Being bulky in appearance, this water kiosk is portable. It needs to be connected to electricity to start generating water which is fit-to-drink. So, this device could be installed in public places to ensure availability of high quality drinking water. The technology can work even in conditions where concentration of water vapour in the air is as low as 10-12 parts per million.

Harmless to Surroundings: Water vapour in the atmosphere is inexhaustible and gets continuously replenished. Hence, sourcing water from air doesn’t affect the surroundings or people in that radius in any manner, says the founder.

Internet Connectivity: The apparatus is attached with a sensor and can be also connected to internet. This will help users to analyze climatic conditions and various other environmental parameters in real-time, also providing details regarding the quality of water and air on the screen.


Not suited for Low Humidity Regions: The apparatus works under specific atmospheric conditions. High moisture content is required for the working of this machine. It would generate maximum water when atmospheric humidity is above 30% and temperature is over 12 Degree Celsius.

State of Kerala, very well suits the requirement as its atmospheric humidity above 60%. Whereas, in drought-prone areas, moisture content and humidity is low; so this technology is not very efficient in drought-prone areas.

Video demonstration of the product prototype

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Brain Behind

Uravu’s prototype; Eva is brainchild of Mr. Swapnil Shrivastav, Product Architect & CEO. He came across the idea of portable water kiosk while working on a research project during his Final Semesters at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Calicut, in 2013.

The theme of the project was ‘Imagining the Future of Water and City’. He studied the water distribution model of Cochin and realized, centralized distribution system is the only option people have. This inspired him to work towards an alternative, independent source of water. Today, his efforts finally bore fruit in the form of Eva.

Future Plans

Uravu Labs’ being a team of five, see Eva in the next few years, generating nearly 5,000 litres a day. They also believe in reducing cost of production to 50-60 paise a litre; by scaling up and using solar power.

Interestingly, Uravu Labs is recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) under the Centre’s Start-up India programme. And Kozhikode Municipal Corporation and Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation are reported to have shown pre-order interest.

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