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Juno Ride Sharing Startup plans to raise $30 million


Juno Ride Sharing Startup plans to raise $30 million to offer affordable cab services.

There are several startups branching out in the transport and travel industry. Each with a unique business model and functions, in order to meet the growing customer and fulfil their varying needs. Juno is a new startup that will launch its service this year. It is a New York based Cab sharing Company. The Startup has planned to raise $30 million from the investors which is in process.

The startup has not yet shared any information on the same. Juno has a similar concept that matches with Uber, but it intends on improvising upon the model. Not directly competing with Uber but simply enhancing the existing model and making it better. The startup also emphasize by giving their drivers good benefits and treatment. The company will try to keep only minimal commission. It also seeks to offer the drivers better wages, and give them the freedom to choose their type of work..

They can choose whether to work under the company or function as individuals merely associated with Juno. This company will, so to speak, look after its employees and those associated with it. Juno CEO is Talmon Marco. He is also known to be the founder of the globally popular instant messaging application Viber. Juno is his second venture. He has stated that compare to Uber, Juno will be more cost effective cab service.


  • Juno is the process to raise $30 million. The startup has not yet shared any concrete information.
  • Juno aim in offering affordable cab service compared to existing key market players.
  • The cab service will also emphasize driver’s benefit more by keeping its commission minimal

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