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iPal, A New Robot Which Will Babysit Your Kids

Your child’s new companion

What is iPal?

Robots are helping us by making coffee, cleaning floor, driving us to work, and now they will even help with the hardest task i.e. raising kids. iPal, a talking and fulltime nanny robot, for helping with kids in China will soon be coming to America.

What will be the robot useful for?

This new innovative robot is made by a company called Avatarmind. It was started two year back and is located in China and Silicon Valley. They proclaim the robot to be “full-time companion” and moreover it has friendly cartoon look, detailed crafting, understanding of natural human language, and cloud-enabled. It will be more than a robot to you’re your; it will be his best friend.

It has autonomous learning which will help in learning preferences and interests to engage and improvise conversations. It will also monitor and increase your child’s knowledge on subjects and topics they are interested in. It has sensors to feel touch, listen to speech and even detect emotions since it has “emotion management system”. This system can sense anything like happiness, depression and loneliness. It encourages your kid when they are sad.

Features and Specs

The other features of iPal is it constantly clicks pics and videos of your child, which will help to monitor and keep track of your child’s growth which can be retrieved by parents any given time. It will also be able to help your kid to wake up on give time, track weather and tell him to wash hands.

It has around 25 motors in its 3-foot body and has four wheels, 6-inch LCD screen and 3-watt sound system. It comes with apps that can read bedtime story and answer any related questions. If your kid is interested, iPal can even teach them computer science and programming. Avatarmind is hoping to bring it in USA this coming year.

Does upcoming innovation in technology and more use of artificial intelligence make us more tech dependent? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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