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Introduce Yourself Using : Smart Business Cards

In this fast paced mobile-enabled world, efficiency and effectiveness are the passport to building and growing the professional network and staying competitive. Digital business cards is one such invention to make your professional or entrepreneurial journey smooth and efficient. Agree that paper business cards are convenient to hand out, but they can be difficult to manage and carry around.

With digital business cards, you need not carry a stack of printed business cards in your briefcase or laptop bag. And, you need not suffer from those moments of embarrassment when you reach in your wallet to take out your business card only to realize you have run out of it.

Today, thanks to digitalized business cards, your business card is always present with you without adding bulk or shape to your wallet. All you need to do is swipe it from your mobile phone to another person’s phone.

There are various mobile apps in the market today that helps you to create, save and send smart business cards from your phone, whereas there are a few that allow you to take pictures of business cards and then sync them with your contact lists on your phone. So, you can have a virtual record of all the business cards.

Here are a few mobile apps that create smart business cards. Take your pick.


Contap is a mobile app developed by a Philadelphia-based startup that has revolutionized the way you can connect with people and share information. It helps you integrate contacts, documents, and even your social networks into your CRM. The best thing about this application is that it lets you choose the exact information you want to share with the other person such as your email address, website, phone numbers, social accounts or the documents.contap

If you meet a new person, both of you just need to tap on your Contap screen, and you can connect in an instant. You can customize later by setting your Contap relationships to allow what you want to share with your connections. It’s one-way share feature allows you to exchange information even if your connection does not have this app on his phone.

You can call, text, view documents and access social networks with this single app securely. So, the access to Business Emails, Twitter account, LinkedIn, OneDrive and many such platforms becomes easier. It also allows you to create groups so that you can share the information with a large group of people with just a single tap.

If you find yourself at some conference or a networking event, its Nearby feature helps you to find and connect with nearby people. Also, all the existing contacts in your phone are merged by Contap and are displayed in an appealing visual format.

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Zebracards are business cards with barcodes and QR codes printed on them that allow delivering contact information digitally. Recipients can use the profile to scan the cards and retrieve the information whereas the card owner gets a detailed report of who visited his profile and what information was accessed.


Ellobee allows you to exchange your information with just one-click regardless of whether the other person has ellobee or not. The contacts are in a list format with geo-location based proximity search. Its Geo-based map view enables you to connect with skilled professionals closest to you.Ellobee


A business card based human relationship management platform, Eight allows you to integrate your Facebook, Google+ and Mixi through an iPhone app as well as on your desktop. So, if your connections use any of these supported social networks, then they automatically get connected with you on the Eight platform. Their profiles are listed as your contacts and have scanned images of their business cards.


This new mobile app allows you to create your business card from your LinkedIn and Twitter profile. You can then share your business card to other iPhones using the app or email to non-iOS phones free of charge.

Bizz Card

An iOS7 mobile app, that is free but payable for the templates, it helps in designing stylish digital business cards that can be easily sent to new contacts by just swiping the screen. Recipients can use the business card to update your contact details on the phone or access your social networking profiles.


This iPhone app allows you to scan business cards and then retrieves relevant information from them to relevant fields such as name, phone number, e-mail address etc. to create a virtual.samcard_app1

WorldCard Mobile

A business card reader and scanner that allows you to flick through stored business cards whenever required. It helps you to find contacts on various social media platforms and share or backup contacts on cloud services.

Reasons enough to say “Hi” to smart business cards and goodbye to business cards piling up in your desk drawers. Won’t you say?

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