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Interaction with VibeDate Founders

Get ready to experience vibrant dates!

VibeDate is an app that plans a perfect date for you. This Australia-based startup aims to add spice and romance to your life. Whether it is a new date or an old one, VibeDate has customized ideas for all.

The idea of VibeDate came from the famous TV show, The Bachelor. Co-founder, Maggie Partsi realized that if so many people enjoyed watching others go on fun dates on TV, they might also enjoy going on some fun dates themselves. Partsi and her partner Tony Dymock officially started the business late last year after winning a pitch fest in their native Australia.

What’s the Buzz?

VibeDate includes different categories depending upon the type you prefer, like – foodie, adventure, romantic, nature, bar, surprise and even bestie dates. Once you have entered all the details, sit back and relax, as the company takes over and make all the arrangements. VibeDate can plan dates anywhere from $50 to $2,000. It has collaborated with some of the popular date locations and vendors in order to avail discounts for the couple.

Q & A with the founders- Maggie Partsi & Tony Dymock

Couple startupQues. To start with, Why the name ‘VibeDate’ for your date planning website?

Ans. At VibeDate we’re all about sharing great date ideas and great vibes! We love planning foodie, romantic, nature, bar, adventure, bestie and surprise dates, and feeling the love coming from our customers.

Ques. There are number of dating apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid. What makes “VibeDate” different from these apps?

Ans. VibeDate is different because we don’t match you with people. We’re not a traditional dating app. We’re a date planning website. We have yet to launch the app. We plan and organize dates for couples and friends based on their particular interests. Each date is customized and we save you from hours of Googling “what to do on a Saturday night”, as well as calling up places and trying to make a reservation only to be told that the place you want to go is booked out for the next 3 months! We can get you in there 😉

Ques. It seems currently you have invested your winning amount of the Pitch fest in this business. However, what about your future source of funds? Do you have a potential investor for your business?

Ans. At the moment our business is bootstrapped and doesn’t require any further investment. Our revenue is returned to the business and continues to grow regularly. We may look at investment later on down the track but for now it is unnecessary.

Ques. What is your revenue model? (Where do you derive your revenue from?)

Ans. We derive our revenue from transaction processing. In booking dates for couples we achieve cheaper rates, which are both passed on to customers as well as kept as profit.

Ques. Is “VibeDate” suitable for the young Indian audience? Kindly support your answer with a reason.

Ans. Of course! VibeDate is great for everyone who is on the dating scene and looking for great new date ideas or wanting to explore new things. We plan the perfect date for you based on your likes and interests, no matter who you are or what they may be.

Ques. Tell us more about the ‘Date Book’.

Ans. The Date Book will be the first in a series, starting with the best dates in Melbourne, Australia! This will include 6 date categories (foodie, adventure, nature, bestie, romantic and bar dates) and the best dates for each. Each date is tried and tested so we can guarantee you will have a good time.

Inspirational Bytes
Ques. What are your future plans?

Ans. Our future plans include expanding nationally and then globally, planning and organizing more dates for couples around the globe and producing more Date Books for different locations. We love exploring and finding new things to do ourselves, and want to share our date plans and ideas with the world

Ques.Some key lessons learnt at the budding stage?

Ans. Key lesson learned is to hustle, and hustle hard! Creating a start up, especially while working a full-time job is incredibly difficult. Long nights, little sleep, and constant challenges. Be ready to fail and adjust your model.

Ques. Words of inspiration for those who have an idea?

Ans. Having an idea is a great start! From the very beginning you need to be passionate about what you are doing,

set some strong objectives and really believe in your business or the value it can add to people in their day to day lives.You probably won’t get it right the first time, but when you do, it’ll all be worth it.


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