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Intel acquired Computer Vision Consulting & Machine Learning platform, Itseez

Intel gearing up to bring driverless cars!

Autonomous driving will be the next big thing we will see, in automobile sectors. Many startups are working to bring driverless cars to reality. Self assistance is not just limited to personal cars, it is making its way into heavy vehicles like bus, trucks and also in drones. We had covered news on Lyft, an American transportation network company plans to bring driverless taxi. Also a San Francisco based Startup is working on Self-Driving truck technology. The sector of autonomous driving is coming into reality with time due to innovations.

Intel a leading Semiconductor manufacturing company acquired Itseez in an undisclosed deal. Entering into the sector of automobile, this would be an initial step by Intel to empower driverless cars. The company aim to build up a technology that can provide high-tech and safe assistance to many in driving. According to the press release Intel plans to add functional safety and over-the-air software management.  By acquiring Itseez, Intel can gain edge in computer vision, vital for surrounding interpretation.

Computer vision brings a huge platform to revolutionize various things we do manually today. Driving is just one part of the pictures. There are various things that require advance computer vision. For example implementation in analyzing faces to find potential threats.


  • Intel acquired Itseez to bring driverless cars in future.
  • Itseez is founded in 2005, works on developing customized computer vision software with consultation.

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