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Inspiring Quotes for Entrepreneurs by Indian Freedom Fighters


India’s Struggle for Independence was a long sought and hard fought one. Many laid down lives standing out against the oppressive British Raj. It was ever since1857, (in many cases, even pre-dating 1857)a hard, tough struggle for Indians until 15 August 1947, India got independence. A final victory then!

Today we see, it’s 70 years past the day. We live in a free India now, an India of dreams, an India of startups and digitization. What not..? Competition emerges; Entrepreneurial race on the go…..relating the race for Independence then. The same efforts, the same leadership, the same determination, required now as well.It was our forefathers who won independence. Now it’s our turn to win the entrepreneurial race.

Let’s sneak into sayings of our forefathers, some legends behind India’s freedom. We bring before you such thought-provoking quotes that bear mindful lessons to get you enlightened for practice, as entrepreneurs of today.

  1. The first step forward
  1. Get out of your thoughts, Face Reality
  1. Mind over machine guns
  1. Unperishable thoughts
  1. The religion of togetherness
  1. The power of the youth
  1. Ideal India
  1. Sinless society
  1. Silent when Unprepared
  1. Defining oneself
  1. Carry No Fear
  1. More than legalities

These were few stirring teachings by forefront leaders of Indian freedom struggle that every entrepreneur can use in his/ her business life. We hope these lessons inspire you to take your business to the peak of success.

Which quote touched you the most? Do let us know in the comments section below:

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