Is India Ready for High-Tech Startups?

India is at the helm of a technology revolution, thanks to its intellectual prowess and ability to come up with ways to tackle different problems on a limited budget. Their “value for money” exploration of the moon has also earned them great pride.  The Infosys story, TCS, Sabir Bhatia, Sunder Pichai and Satya Nadella are a matter of pride for any Indian.

It has a huge population using technology such as the smartphones, tablets and computers, but in terms of infrastructure, sadly India is way behind. While India has reaped the benefits of the Internet and smartphone revolution, it might fall short of the next big things, such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and virtual reality.

These are the technologies of the future and let’s see where India stands when it comes to the next level.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is the evolution of “thinking” computers. These are the computers that are able to think and reason like a man, even making their own logical decisions. Technology like this allows computers to do all the work for you, making little or no mistake, and taking a rational decision whenever is required. However, the kind of servers and computing powers required for this are still not available to most in India.


3D printing

This new age printing allows you to produce an exact replica of whatever you want. It is achieved by applying layers of material over each other until the desired shape is delivered. This is a great step ahead of the 2D printing that only allowed printing on flat paper. Since this is so hardware dependent, India is way behind and it is unlikely that it would be able to catch up with nations like USA, Germany, and UK in the near future.


Virtual reality (VR)

Well, as they say, ‘virtual’ is almost real. It is a way of putting you into the world of your computer. VR gives you a “feel” of reality and allows you to get a real life experience from the virtual world (in your computer), right from video games to movies. The technology is still in nascent stages but is touted to be the next big thing. Unfortunately, India does not have the Internet speed and the hardware capabilities to tap the eventual potential of this technology.


Indians have prided themselves far too long on their intellectual prowess and their domination of the IT world. However, the question is, are they ready for the future? Perhaps not.

In order to capitalize on the things like VR and 3-D printing, the Indian intellect is going to need to match up with the modern infrastructure and technology to continue the success story.

Right from acquiring faster Internet speed to acquiring the mega capacity servers the transition has to be done and done at a great speed. In a nation where a large percentage of the population lives without access to clean water and electricity, it might be a big ask.

However, with the new government bringing revolutionary changes, the possibilities cannot be written off.

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