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India To Help Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Project by Providing Land for Test Run

Hyperloop may come to India!

Elon Musk- the brain behind various innovative companies like Tesla and SpaceX- is struggling to obtain land rights for testing in United States. The land is for trial- test for his bold project called Hyperloop which can travel up to speed of 1,120 kmph. India will help this project in its trials.

India’s Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadakari has offered a large land mass for trial runs of Hyperloop when he visited United States recently. Mr. Gadakari has just offered the land and permission for the testing in Pune to Mumbai City. Now it depends on the company whether they will accept this offer or not.

If this projects succeeds and Hyperloop gets launched in India, it would help people who travel in less time. Usually it takes 14 hours by regular train to travel from Mumbai to Nagpur but whereas in Hyperloop one can travel the same distance in 35 minutes.

Moreover Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis has also proposed Hyperloop’s parent company, SpaceX, to build the prototype and test it here itself in the state.

Musk aims to redefine the way people travel. Hyperloop uses air propulsion and runs on magnetic tracks. The biggest hurdle for his innovation project is land rights.

Earlier this year, Hyperloop had signed a contract with the government of Slovak Republic for building the train that aimed at connecting Bratislava, Vienna, Austria, Hungary and Budapest.

What do you think of Hyperloop coming to India? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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