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The Impossible Beef Veg Burger Is Here For Your Taste Buds

A Never-tasted-before delight for the Veggies!

About The Impossible Foods

Momofuku Nishi, Manhattan- based restaurant unveils a Veg burger, but with beef made from plants. David Chang, world’s renowned chef founded Momofuku group in 2004 with the opening of Momofuku Noodle Bar. Momofuku features restaurants in New York City, Sydney, Toronto and Washington, DC. Chang teamed up with Patrick Brown, a biochemistry professor at Stanford from past 25 years and CEO of Impossible Foods. The startup is all about producing natural, plant-based meat and products. It is backed by Bill Gates, UBS, and Google ventures.

About the Unique Veg Beef Burger

Patrick Brown spent $80 million in five years to research and produce the ‘veg beef’. The patty’s key ingredient is leghemoglobin, which is a molecule found in both meat and plants that were discovered by the team at Impossible Foods. Other ingredients include potato protein, xanthan gum (for texture), water, wheat protein, coconut oil and other natural flavors. This veg patty has more proteins, fewer calories and contains no cholesterol, hormones or antibiotics compared to the normal ground beef. In order to maintain its quality and nutrition, this veg beef needs to be refrigerated just like the normal meat. The impossible burger tastes smells and cooks like a normal meat burger. It is topped with romaine, beefsteak tomato, pickles and a special sauce that are served on Martin’s potato roll with shoestring fries. Guests can also add cheese to it.

The Impossible burger costs $12, but as the demand will increase, the price may decrease.

What other measures can be taken to reduce the consumption of meat? Express your views below.


  • Momofuku Nishi is a Manhattan-based restaurant serving ‘veg meat burgers’. David Chang (founder of the restaurant) teamed up with Patrick Brown (CEO of Impossible foods).
  • Impossible foods are backed by Bill Gates, Google ventures, and UBS.
  • Patrick Brown spent $80 million on the research of the veg meat.

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