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IBM Embarks Upon Acquisition of Truven Health Analytics

International Business Machines or IBM recently announced that it plans on the acquisition of Truven health analytics, which is a healthcare data and analytics provider. The acquisition is planned for $ 2.6 billion. Truven is about to complete its fourth year the in healthcare sector in 2016. IBM, nicknamed as Big Blue, owing to its corporate colour, is an internation technology and innovation company, based in Northeast US. It expects Truven to bring in around 8500 clients. This would include the federal and state government agencies of U.S, the employers, health plans, hospitals and others added to the IBM Watson Health portfolio. The Watson Health venture took flight in April 2015, and with the completion of the Truven acquisition later this year, IBM’s Cloud-based system will end up story all health related information which would revolve around 300 million patient profiles. This would happen by integrating the Watson data with Truven data and would be used to identify health cost savings, improve results, increase efficiency and spot fraud faster. “With this acquisition, IBM will be the world’s leading health data, analytics and insights company, and the only one that can deliver the unique cognitive capabilities of the Watson platform,” Deborah DiSanzo, the general manager of Watson Health, stated in an interview. With the current deal, IBM’s investments would go up to above $4billion and it would focus more on improving its healthcare capabilities. In 2012, Truven was acquired by Veritas Capital Management Fund LLC from Thomson Reuters Corp for a price of $1.25 billion.


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