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HPPI NGO touching life of people in India

A few startups are among those who touch life of people by offering them humanitarian support. This is mostly NGO that are formed to help and support. HPPI is among one that is touching life of people across India. HPPI works with the help of staff across the country in sectors like Education, Health, Environment and Finance. It has already implemented around 50 projections in different states of India like Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and Delhi. Eradicating poverty is one of the important missions of HPPI.

Offering support to those who live below poverty line in terms of education and finance. The NGO is successfully operating from different states. With different projects, it is able to support poor section of the society. Further supported by private and government sector both, HPPI is performing well. We do require a few startups that are not only designed to generated profit, but rather improve life of people around the globe. There are so many sectors still in India that are striving hard due to lack of good infrastructure, support and finance. NGO’s like HPPI can contribute towards the growth.

HPPI Projects:

  1. Teacher Training – 2 Year Teacher Training program for improvising the structure of Teacher Student education.
  2. Academy for Working Children & Step-up centre – Encouraging Street and poor children to visit school.
  3. Girls bridge education – Powering girl’s education around the country.
  4. Prarambh – School for Teachers Education for enhance Student Centric Studies
  5. Rural – Promoting Agriculture and Animal Husbandry for rural livelihood
  6. Urban – Welfare scheme for those who live in cities below poverty line.
  7. Homeless Resource Center – Social improvement of homeless in cities.
  8. Skill Development – Offering professional skills for better livelihood.
  9. Community Health – Affordable health care services.
  10. HIV/AIDS – Hope Centers and Epidemic control programs.
  11. Diabetes – Diabetes patient support and control programs.
  12. Tuberculosis – Diagnose, Treatment, Record and Awareness of disease.
  13. Watsan – CSR projects for rural drinking water and sanitation.
  14. Water – Projects to create safe and drinking water.
  15. Solar Energy – Project to offer clean and affordable energy.
  16. Biogas – Biogas projects for affordable fuel.
  17. Tree Plantation – Tree plantation programs.
  18. E-cycling – Effective recycling of Electronics waste.
  19. Microfinance – Affordable credit service for poor.

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