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How To Use Custom Stickers For Your Business

Custom stickers for your business are necessary to help you stand out from your competitors. The right kind of exceptional sticker for your business can form an association between your consumers and your brand almost immediately. If consumers can instantly recognize your brand, it eliminates all the time it would take them to search for you, thus directly influencing their purchasing decisions.

How you use custom stickers can also influence the success of your business. If you aim to use the stickers in unconventional and outstanding ways, you will undoubtedly grab your consumers’ attention.

Let’s look at seven different ways you can use custom stickers for your business.

Sticker_2 1. Outdoor Branding

Most businesses use custom stickers to brand business properties such as vehicles. You can similarly adopt such approaches by venturing in an outdoor marketing campaign. You can work with your marketing department or an agency to facilitate putting stickers on relevant outdoor features such as poles, advertising walls, or park benches. Just think outside the box. For example, if your business involves sculpting, an eye-catching piece of work can be placed in a busy city setting with the sticker displayed for the audience to know the creators.

Executing such marketing campaigns means that your stickers will need to capture people’s attention and be interactive enough to make passers-by stop, become interested, and take a look.

2. Online Marketing

Your sticker can be in a virtual form for online marketing purposes. If you’re using email mass marketing as a strategy, your sticker can be your email signature. If social media platforms such as Facebook are your marketing space, your sticker will need to be noticed and recognized, as well as acknowledged and then shared across platforms.

For your brand to stand out, you have to maximize basing your marketing strategy on your sticker. For example, you can launch a social media teaser campaign, where you reveal your sticker in phases until the whole sticker is visible. To work successfully, you will have to make the campaign interactive and engaging to hold the attention of your audience.

3. Package Branding

How you package your product heavily influences whether a consumer is motivated to purchase it. Placing your stick on a convenient spot on the package is one way to convey your brand, and that works for many renowned companies. You can also design your packaging in a way that the whole package is your custom sticker.

4. Product Labelling

Your sticker can also be used as a permanent feature on your products. This means you have to design a sticker that will be appreciated by your target market. Researching your target market and the kind of designs that would be accepted is important as its success can be attributed to the associations they make between the colors and designs of your logo.

5. Apparel

You can launch giveaway games where the prizes are apparel that bears your branded sticker. This is one major way that your sticker becomes more mobile and visible. Your staff can also wear this apparel and visit busy target market spaces where they can interact with consumers about your product. Consumers will remember the hands-on and interactive style of marketing that your brand executed, as long as it’s strategically and appropriately done.

6. Stationery

Another way to have your staff market your product is to brand the stationery used in the workplace with your sticker. Staff members can take the stationery to different spaces such as their home and schools, which means people outside the office walls will notice. Once the stationery is in their possession, the sticker will be visible to all who interact with them.

7. Storefront

Your storefront is the space where the story of your brand and service product is told at a glance. A sticker on your storefront that holds the attention of both shoppers and passersby can be efficient. Do the research and hire the best custom sticker provider to make sure that you stand out and can draw a crowd around you.


Custom stickers can be creatively used to market your service product and help your brand stand out from competitors. You can tell a captivating story about your brand from a single sticker. You can use custom stickers in outdoor branding campaigns, packaging, product labeling, online marketing, apparel, stationery, and your storefront.

A custom sticker can only be efficient when carefully researched, exceptionally designed, and well-communicated. Make sure to engage professional custom sticker design entities for your brand for the best sticker campaign ever.

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