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How To Name A Startup

Every entrepreneur at one point would have struggled to come up with interesting name for his or her business. Naming your startup was and always has been a brainstorming activity but to no worries this article would help to give you pointers and tips to achieve a cool and creative name for your startup.

What are the benefits of good name?

There are many plus side of good brand name. Every startup is known by the quality of good name, so it’s important to come up with a unique and creative name for startup. What are other plus of a quality name? There are many such as one can easily get a domain name in .com (although many people nowadays use .us, .in, .io, etc), you can also easily avail user handle on various social networking sites for e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google,      Linkedin). It will be also Memorable and distinctive. Easy to spell and will when Googled won’t produce lot of results so you don’t have to spend lot of SEO resources for your startup. What do you know your name can be verb-ized (“I Googled it”, I Uber mostly”)

Types of Name

Before directly jumping to name your company understand various name types. Look how various international brands used catchy and distinctive names that made its own trademark. There are different types of name and they can be categorized as descriptive, made-up word, unrelated name, an acronym, etc.

  • ‘Descriptive Name’ can be known as name that describes what product it is. For e.g. Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, TechCrunch, Wikipedia, Twitter, Yammer.
  • ‘Nonsense Name’ is just a made-up word that doesn’t any particular dictionary meaning but is memorable such as Ebay, Google, Brizly, Zynga, Gowalla, Hulu, Loopt, Skype, Zappos.
  • ‘Unrelated Name’ is a word that has meaning but isn’t relatable to the product and service they offer like Apple, Amazon, Monster, Sun, Lotus, Yahoo.
  • ‘An Acronym’ is the initials of phrase which means something. For e.gIBM, AOL, ICQ, AIM
  • ‘ Proper noun’ is usually name of founders Dell, Hewlett Packard, Borland, Craigs List, Angie’s List

What approaches to follow while naming?

  • Divide your name into two-part to make it more literal sense and you can also establish an association between the brand and what the company does.
  • Come up with remarkable statement for your brand.
  • The key to come up with good name is brainstorm. Take help from niche dictionaries such as science dictionaries, foreign language dictionaries, etc
  • It’s okay to use top level domains for your brand.
  • Have two to three names and moreover create the story around your new company name with a message platform and a unique look and feel.
  • Make it unambiguous when spoken or Googled.Pay attention to character sequences in multi-word names
  • Seek timeless instead of trendy.

Use the following resources for naming

  • WordLab features ideas, commentary, tools, and links to branding and naming resources
  • Novanym creates brand able business names that come with single word .com domains.

Do share you know other helpful qualities, types, or approachesthen pleasein our comment section below.

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