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How to Make the Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy in
5 Simple Steps

While making content, replying to all the comments, and coming up with fun ideas with viral potential can feel like the core of using social media as a business, the truth is, it’s not.

Creating a social media strategy is one of the most critical aspects of using social media, and there are still far too many businesses overlooking this part of the process.

Without a plan, you have no direction. Without direction, you can’t create or tweak content to deliver the best results. If you face an obstacle or problem, your strategy will show you the way. Otherwise, you risk finding yourself in a big mess.

But, creating such a foolproof social media strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, you can make such a plan in just five simple steps, which is what we’re exploring today.

Step #1 – Set Marketing Goals

You can’t have a strategy without knowing where you’re going.

You won’t get to your favorite beach by just driving to the coast. You need to be specific, and you need to have an end goal in mind. Of course, in social media marketing, your goals and objectives can change as your business grows, but you need to have at least one goal at all times since this will define precisely what your campaigns, content, and efforts are aiming for.

Some examples of goals include;

● Increasing brand awareness

● Sell products or services

● Building a community around your business or organization

● Providing customer service

● Tracking performance

● Monitoring, mending, or improving your brand reputation

Step #2 – Define Your Audience

With your goal in mind, it’s time to think about your audience, and we’re talking about your ideal audience. If you’re selling headphones, are you selling to college students, music producers, pensioners who want to listen to podcasts at the gym, or twenty-somethings going about their lives?

Every audience needs marketing differently, using its own brand of imagery, tone, and language. You won’t be able to define these aspects of your campaign without thinking about who your audience actually is.

Step #3 – Create Your Profiles (Properly)

You probably already have social media profiles, but before really moving forward, it’s recommended you take time to review them once again and set them up to be as professional as possible.

This means using high-quality logos and profile pictures. Creating the perfect profile bio. Making sure your handles and ‘@’ tags are as close to your business as possible. You might even want to work on your links, setting your brand’s tone of voice, and creating an aesthetic, so your profiles are consistent across the platforms.

Step #4 – Create a Calendar

Next up, set up a content calendar.

One of the worst things you can do is to go blindly forward, just creating content as and when you please and thinking that that’s good enough. It’s not. You need to get organized and planned so you;

● Don’t miss out on important content opportunities

● Can plan ahead and think of long-term content strategies

● Highlight important days/weeks in your business year

● Can get your team on the same page

● Can see exactly what you’re doing and when

A calendar is just a vital part of the process of being organized, and you’ll be able to see the difference in how you do things almost instantly.

Step #5 – Create the Best Content Possible

Finally, now that everything has been set up, it’s time to create content, but always make sure it’s the highest quality possible. This may sound like a no-brainer, but how many times have you posted just because you feel like you have to post?

How many times have you had a pretty good idea and just slammed together a post and uploaded it at that moment just because?

This isn’t really the kind of content you want to be associated with your business. You want to be organized and purposeful with what you’re offering, so always strive to set this standard. Your audience and followers will notice because they are paying attention.


As you can see, setting up and creating the perfect social media strategy doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does take time and a bit of thought on your end. However, it’s one of the most rewarding processes you can go through and will save you so much time in the long term.

It will also help your social media profiles pop off, so don’t ignore what a well-planned strategy can do for you!

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