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How to Add Social Proof to Your Brand-Building Campaign

Brand-building is not just about creating an identity for your business; it also involves making an impact on people’s decisions. Much of the effort you put into brand-building involves convincing your audience that you are the best in your market.

There are many tricks businesses can employ to do this. The best one has to be social proof. In psychology, this is referred to as a phenomenon in which people make decisions based on the actions of others. In marketing and brand-building, social proof is a powerful means of drawing more people to your products or services.

How do you exactly create social proof for your business? Here are a few tips to take into account.

1. Get more people to review your business

The most effective way to build social proof is through reviews. There’s little doubt that the more positive reviews your brand generates, the more likely you gain new customers. These will also add to your credibility, enhance brand awareness, and build client loyalty. Make it a habit to encourage past or existing customers to rate your business. There are many other ways you can earn reviews. If you are a plumbing contractor, for instance, you can check out this guide to get more reviews and put your services on top.

2. Publish surveys, case studies, and market reports

In-depth research papers may be boring, but they can provide additional information to people who want to go in-depth. Conducting surveys and publishing market reports is a great way to add convincing-power to your brand. You can talk about how consumers engage or why there is a high demand for your services. In addition, you can also write case studies detailing how your brand was able to help a struggling client. Be sure to get input from your clients as well in the form of interviews or testimonials.

 3. Networking with thought leaders and influencers

There is a lot you can gain from having partnerships with popular personalities. Not only can they help with amplifying your brand message, they can also impact people’s decisions. Being associated with thought leaders and influencers helps to improve your authority. You just need to reach out to them and pitch an event or idea they can jump into. Keep in mind that many influencers will charge you a hefty fee, but if it means developing your reputation, then consider it money well-spent.

4. Build a loyalty program

A loyalty program allows you to turn clients into brand advocates. You can come up with membership programs and incentive schemes that reward them for every like, share, or referral they bring in. In turn, you get to expand your reach and engage the family members, friends, and co-workers of your most loyal clients. People are more likely to purchase from you if you were referred to them by a long-time customer. Building social proof is crucial to your brand-building efforts. Time and again, it proves to be a more effective way to generate customers compared to hard selling ads.

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