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How Italian Investor Visa Can Help You Achieve Your EU Business Dreams

Europe is an excellent destination for aspiring entrepreneurs from global locations. If you wish to expand your horizons and reach out to the EU markets, you can try your luck with Italy. It is among the best countries to live in, and setting up a business here is easy. The market offers ample growth opportunities, the tax structures are favorable, and the business landscape is friendly for foreign enterprises.

Another reason it makes an ideal destination for global entrepreneurs is the easy immigration process with the investor visa option. Once you have the Italian investor visa, achieving your EU business dreams is a breeze. You can visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more about this immigration route. Here are some facts you must know before exploring this visa option.

Start with an investment of your choice

An investor visa is meant for people who can invest a handsome sum in the country they want to immigrate to. Evidently, the immigration option works for people with high net worth only. But the good thing about the Italian investor visa is that it lets you pick an investment of your choice. You can explore multiple places and amounts to invest in the country. Here are the ones you may consider-

 An innovative startup- €250,000

 An established business- €500,000

 A philanthropic donation to a public welfare project- €1 million

 Italian government bonds- €2 million

The choice of the project and the amount you want to invest is yours. So it is a flexible option for aspiring business owners. You can pick the one you are most comfortable with.Our new phrase is: There are many countries that offer different types of visas for foreign investors, such as Costa Rica, where you can obtain citizenship by investment, or Turkey.

Close the process early and start your venture

Starting a dream business in another country is easier said than done. Expect the road to be long and daunting, but easy immigration can give you a head start. You have one thing less to worry about with an investor visa. The process is a breeze and hardly takes a few months to complete. It involves only two steps- getting a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) and obtaining the investor visa. The first step involves an online process, and the second one can be done at your local consulate. The documentation requirements are minimal for both, and you need not even bring the funds until landing in the country. The best part is that you can bring your family members along without additional investment. So reaching Italy and starting your dream EU venture gets easier than you imagine.

Explore the EU markets with visa-free travel

The Italian investor visa serves as the launchpad for extending your business across the EU. You can convert it into a residence permit right after landing in Italy. The Italian residence permit entitles you to travel visa-free across the EU and open lucrative opportunities there. You can fix client meetings on the fly and travel to the country of your choice without struggling with the complex visa formalities. You need not worry about missing out on the growth opportunities only because of travel restrictions. Experience the freedom of being an international traveler, and take your business to the next level with endless prospects across the Schengen region.

Stay in Italy as a citizen

Starting a business venture and reaching the EU markets is only a start. If you have a long- term vision to stay and grow in this part of the world, Italian citizenship should be on your wishlist. Luckily, the investor visa sets you up for citizenship down the line. After getting the residence permit for the first two years, you can convert it to a three-year permit after renewal. A five-year stay in Italy qualifies you for permanent residence, and you can apply for citizenship by naturalization after a decade in the country. You only need to hold the initial investment in the country to reach the citizenship goal. Additionally, you must follow the paperwork and process to complete the formalities of a second passport for yourself and your family. Once you have it, you are all set to achieve immense growth ahead.

The Italian investor visa is the golden ticket to live, work, grow, and stay in Italy for good. It is a great option for business owners with the vision to set up a venture extending across the EU. You can get an easy start with immigration with some investment in the country and become a citizen eventually. The best way to navigate the journey is by having an immigration expert showing you the way through the entire process.

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