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Hometeam; an Elderly Care Startup Raises $5M

Hometeam, which is an elderly care startup, recently let out the news that it has received an extra $5 million from its investor Kaiser Permanente venture, thus making its new funding go up to $32.5 million.

Hometeam changes the face of in-house care and transforms the experience of old age by providing their senior clients with personalized care planning, expert advice, custom mobile technology and proactive case management. Their ultimate goal is to improve the condition of the elderly and ensure their well-being. The startup at present houses almost 50 employees, who strive to give excellent care to their clients.

This NY based firm has a special functioning system. It matches trained caregivers and older adults through a process which is not very different from, coupling them based on their requirements and interests. The team’s system is also connected to the clients’ homes, their families, doctors and other emergency centres.

Hometeam spoke about how they are looking forward to starting this long term relationship with Kaiser Permanente, and also how they are looking forward to making good use of the investor’s experience. In return, Kaiser would be taking advantage of the startup’s technological expertise and its brand new approach of liking something so traditional, with technology.

“[Kaiser] sees health care moving more towards the home,” said Josh Bruno, the co-founder and CEO of Hometeam. “This is the future of health care.”

Hometeam even has a new board member, who happens to be Kaiser Permanente’s Ventures director Jordan Kramer. He has joined the board as an observer.

So far, Hometeam has raised about $43.5 million in VC funds.


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