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Hiring activity records a rise of 10% in December 2019 as compared to December 2018: Naukri Job Speak

New Delhi, 10thJanuary 2020: The Naukri JobSpeak Index for December 2019 (2,195), marked a 10% rise in hiring activity as compared to December 2018 (1,987).

The major contributors to this growth were industries like BPO (27%) Pharma (18%) and IT – Software (18%). Demand for job roles in ITES/ BPO (31%) and Accounts (16%) also led to this overall uptick in hiring. Amongst cities, Hyderabad (27%), Pune (14%) and Delhi (11%) led the way in terms of growth in hiring. Demand for entry-level professionals (0-3 years exp.) and senior-level executives (4-7 years exp.) grew by 16% and 12% respectively.

Commenting on the report, Pawan Goyal, Chief Business Officer, said, “The year ended on a positive note, with a 10% increase in overall hiring. Hyderabad and Bangalore have been posting consistent growth in hiring over the last six months and if we look at the year as a whole IT – Software has seen a growth of 28 % compared to the year before .The year gone by has seen growth in jobs and we are cautiously optimistic going forward.”

Key Highlights of Naukri JobSpeak for December 2019 vs December 2018

Hiring Trends – Industry

Besides BPO, IT – Software and Pharma other industries that showed growth in hiring activity during the month of December 2019 were – Banking (15%), Insurance (14%), Accounting/Taxation (23%), Industrial Products (12%) and Telecom (8%). While hiring in the Construction industry remained flat YoY, industries like Oil & Gas (-2%) and

Hotels/Hospitality (-3%) witnessed a dip.

The above graph depicts the year-on-year increase in hiring activity across industries

Hiring Trends – Functional Area

Recruitment activities for professionals in the BPO domain witnessed substantial gains recording a growth of 31%. Functional roles in IT – Hardware & Accounts also witnessed a 16% growth in hiring. Other functional areas that observed a rise in demand were Marketing & Advertisement (15%), Sales & Business Development (14%) and IT – Software (12%).

Hiring Trends – Experience

Hiring by experience levels was largely a mixed bag with demand for entry-level executives (0-3 yrs. exp.) leading the way with 16% YoY growth. Demand for senior -level executives (4-7 yrs. exp.) and middle – management roles (8-12 yrs. exp.) grew by 12% and 4% respectively.

Hiring for both senior management roles (13-16 yrs. exp.) and leadership roles (16+ yrs. exp.) saw a dip of 9% & 7% respectively.

Hiring Trends – City

Recruitment across cities was largely positive during the month of December’19 with Hyderabad witnessing a significant increase of 27% YoY, followed by Pune with an increase of 14%. Some of the hiring trends observed across cities are as follows –

Hyderabad: Hiring in Hyderabad increased by 27%. IT – Hardware (79%) and IT – Software (42%) lead the way, while Banking witnessed an increase of 35%. Hiring for entry-level executives (0-3 years) and mid-level executives (4-7 years) also grew by 39% and 36% respectively.

● Pune: The city saw a 14% rise in recruitment activity. IT – Software, FMCG and BPO recorded growth rates of 8%, 33% and 11% respectively. Amongst experience bands, Pune mirrored the trends prevalent nationally, with growth across entry level executive (10%), senior level executive (8%) and mid – management (6%) hiring while witnessing dips across senior management (-5%) and leadership (-10%) hiring.

● Delhi/NCR: Hiring activity in the capital city witnessed an increase of 11% primarily led by hiring in the BPO sector (21%). Other industries that witnessed an uptick in hiring were IT – Software (14%) & Accounting (8%). Demand for job roles across ITES & Pharma increased by 22% and 20% respectively.

● Chennai: Overall hiring in Chennai grew by 6% with IT – Software (17%) and BPO (41%) contributing to the growth. Entry-level professionals and senior-level executives witnessed a rise of 10% each while mid-management, senior management and leadership hiring witnessed a dip of -2%, -25% and -25% respectively.

● Mumbai: Recruitment in Mumbai increased by 5% in December 2019 as compared to December 2018. Hiring in the BPO sector was up by 31%. This was followed by IT – Software industry with an increase of 22%. However, industries like Banking (-17%), Accounting (-29%) and Pharma (-9%) witnessed a dip in December. The demand for job roles across IT – Software & ITES increased by 18% and 31% respectively.

● Bangalore: Overall hiring activity in Bangalore grew by 3%. Major contributors to this growth were BFSI (17%), IT – Software (6%) and BPO (5%). Demand for professionals in Accounts, ITES and Pharma industry saw a rise of 60%, 15% and 11% respectively.


The Naukri JobSpeak is a monthly Index which calculates and records hiring activity based on the job listings on website month on month. The objective of Naukri JobSpeak is to measure the hiring activities in various industries, cities, functional areas and experience levels. The data is compiled from the website wherein jobs posted by clients on are considered. Thus, the job speak index includes jobs that might be for replacement hiring. December 2008 is taken to be the base with an index value of 1,000 and the subsequent monthly index is compared with the data for December 2008. The jobs analysed for the monthly Index are qualified on the basis of white-collar, urban, belonging to organized corporate sector jobs with the main focus on service industries. The report shows hiring trends across industry sectors, geography, experience level, and functional areas. More than 76,000 clients use, leading to the high reliability of data. The report does not cover gig employment, hyperlocal hiring or campus placement. Over a long period of time, the Naukri JobSpeak was impacted by the increase in the Naukri traffic share, internet penetration, Naukri pricing strategy and job listing drives.

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