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Himanshu Periwal: Revolutionizing Celebrity Interactions with unlu

In the bustling city of Gurgaon, Haryana, Himanshu Periwal, along with co-founders Akshay Pruthi, Anurag Dalia, and Vipul Agrawal, embarked on a journey to redefine the way people connect with their favorite celebrities. They established unlu in 2020, a pioneering celebrity interaction platform that enables consumers and brands to receive endorsements and personalized experiences from well-known figures.

Himanshu’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his innovative spirit, commitment to entertainment, and focus on social entrepreneuring. The idea behind unlu was born from the founders’ recognition of the immense popularity and influence of celebrities in today’s digital age. They understood that people longed for authentic connections with their idols, beyond mere social media interactions. unlu aimed to bridge this gap by providing a platform where consumers and brands could engage with their favorite celebrities in a more personal and meaningful way.

Himanshu’s journey was marked by his deep appreciation for the entertainment industry and his understanding of the digital media landscape. With backgrounds in technology and a passion for bringing fans closer to celebrities, the founders were well-equipped to create a platform that could revolutionize celebrity interactions. One of the most remarkable aspects of unlu’s journey is its commitment to social entrepreneuring. The founders recognized the potential for their platform not only to create memorable moments for fans but also to provide a means of income for celebrities.

By offering a marketplace where famous personalities can connect with their admirers and monetize their time and expertise, unlu empowers both celebrities and fans. This commitment to social impact resonated with investors, and unlu secured substantial funding of $1,284,058 in two funding rounds, with support from investors like Nexus Venture Partners, Mumbai Angels, EXPERT DOJO, and TiE Pune. This investment highlighted the platform’s potential to transform the celebrity interaction and digital entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Himanshu Periwal’s journey with this idea, it is a testament to his vision and dedication to bringing fans closer to their favorite celebrities. unlu’s innovative approach to celebrity interactions empowers both celebrities and fans, providing authentic connections and memorable experiences, while reshaping the future of digital entertainment. unlu remains at the forefront of celebrity engagement platforms, making dreams come true for countless admirers while contributing to social betterment.

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