Helpshift Raises funding of $23M from Microsoft & Salesforce

Well done, Helpshift!

About Helpshift

In today’s time, everything is digitalized from buying groceries to booking plane ticket. Founded in the year 2011 by Abinash Tripathy and Baishampayan Ghose in US, Helpshift develops a digitalized customer care tool. Helpshift offers an SDK to software companies for building a chat link between users of their mobile apps and their customer services. Helpshift has debuted the messaging-based approach to customer service, making real-time support easy for users, and streamlined for businesses.

Funding Helpshift

Recently, the startup has raised $23 million from giants like Microsoft and Salesforce. The new fund will be utilized to continue building its mobile app chat business. This was Series B round of funding, which was noteworthy because of its big investors. Previous investors, Intel Capital(who are still investing),Nexus Venture Partners, True Ventures and Visionnarie Ventures helped to raise Helpshift $36.2 million.

The app has now crossed over 1.3 billion downloads on unique devices with the support of various popular game developers like Supercell. The startup is expanding it horizons into new areas such as analytics services, recurring themes in chats, voice services and desktop version apps.

The company offers basic free services for developers who have just started or else the charges are $185 per month.

The CRM market is very popular though Salesforce and Microsoft are biggest CRM players already. New companies like Twitter and WalkMe are also raising lot of money. Soon, Helpshift is launching a new version that will be focused on Outlook for desktop.


  • Helpshift raises $23 million from Microsoft and Salesforce in Series B round of funding
  • The new fund will be utilized to continue building its mobile app chat business.

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