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Hear2Read Helps Visually Impaired To Hear Books In Their Native Language

Now hear audio in your native language!

What about Hear2Read?

Technology is developing day-by-day. It not only helping common people but also physically-challenged people thus, making their life a lot easier. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) joined hands with Hear2Read project and developed text-to-speech software which will help visually challenged people to listen to text in their native language. They are offering only Tamil language right now and will release other languages like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, and Telugu within this year.

Idea behind this project

In India, four out of five people speak one of these eight languages. Moreover, India has 22 official languages. According to the statistics, more than 62 million Indians are visually impaired. Only 10 percent of them receive any education and about 90 percent of them live in poverty.

What does the founder want to say about it?

According to Suresh Bazaj, Founder of Hear2Read, the team looked at commonalities of Indian languages and developed tools to apply the same technology to multiple languages.”


Hear2Read app doesn’t require any active internet connection to translate the texts and even the database is small which can be easily stored on the phone. It works with Android devices and helps people with special needs to browse and send emails.  It also supports other apps for text-to-audio translation.

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