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Health and beverage startup ‘Raw Pressery’ receives funding of $4.5mn

Raw Pressery is a startup that produces cold pressed fresh juice that can be consumed on the go and are for the health conscious. In a series of funding rounds, Sequoia Capital – its existing investor, Saama Capital and DSG consumer partners, this Mumbai based startup has garnered funds of about $4.5 million.

This company has been founded by Anuj Rakyan, former VP of sales at Nirav Modi Jewels. He describes himself an aficionado of health and fitness and the like. Raw Pressery’s appeal lies in the fact that it deems to stand as the only one evading usage of preservatives, additives, sugars and other excesses into their juices. Their range of ‘detox’ juices are now a rage already, with the company being scarcely a year old.


Post this fresh round of funding, the founder aims to increase consumers for his product and make it more budget friendly. He takes this round of funding in an optimistic and challenging light, and  also intends on introducing flavours and increase the range of juices they currently have to offer. He intends on making his company the largest ‘clean label’ beverage brand. It also plans to expand its ambit of delivery geographically, spreading to other cities across.


                                                                   Founder Anuj Rakyan

Raw Pressery has tied up with the dabbawalahs of Mumbai for effective delivery services.

If an idea like this seems novel to you- it isn’t. This is a scarcely ventured into industry, but it is ventured into. Jucifix is a key player. It also offers a wide range of cold pressed juices.

Other players include Jus Divine cold pressed juices.

With these juices joining the list of the must-haves for every health conscious – this industry is slated to witness more growth. And Raw Pressery will be one to lookout for.



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