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Handheld Video Stabilization System DJI Osmo+ Launched In India

Motion with Zoom

DJI is launching its newest product the Osmo+, a handheld camera stabilization system. The new Osmo+ improves the previous versions’ stabilization abilities with a new integrated zoom camera.

Features of the DJI Osmo+

This new device enables users to get closer to their subjects than ever before. Following are the features that it includes:

  • Integrated zoom camera 7x zoom
  • 5x optical zoom
  • 2x digital lossless zoom (when shooting at 1080p)
  • Focal length ranging from 22mm to 77mm
  • No sacrifice on HD quality
  • Control over image composition

Product Capabilities

According to Senior Product Manager, Paul Pan, the Osmo+ opens up entirely new proficiencies for users who loved the previous Osmo’s ability to deliver crisp, sharp and detailed handheld imagery.

The device enables users to obtain a range of photography from action selfies to detailed panoramas to motion time-lapses. In addition to this, the zoom feature of the new Osmo+ greater expands the capabilities of handheld photography to push the limits of the imagination. For example, the DJI Osmo+ lets users shoot motion timelapse by easily selecting the start and end point of camera movement. It also offers advanced stabilization feature by keeping the camera flat.


  • DJI Osmo+ (handle + Zenmuse X3)- Rs 56,000
  • Zenmuse X3 zoom camera- Rs 43,000

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