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GoTenna – Innovative Startup on GPS Texting

Tired of losing signal every time you travel? GoTenna has the perfect solution for you! With the GoTenna in you pocket, you can now stay connected to your loved ones and finish all your office work even if you are lost in a jungle or abandoned in the middle of a desert.

GoTenna is a very young startup, co-founded by siblings of Brazilian origin, Daniela and Jorge Perdomo. The duo came up with this innovative design that would help people stay connected anytime and anywhere. The idea of such a device struck the Perdomos when the need for communication arose in 2012, when the Hurricane Sandy struck. Such a connectivity crisis called for a pioneer device like GoTenna to help people communicate in the time of a dire emergency.

GoTenna is a small device that can be paired up with your smartphone to communicate without any bars in your phone.

Features of GoTenna:

Let’s take a look at the major features of this miraculous device:

  • It is pocket sized.
  • It resembles a 5.8 inch wand and weighs about two ounces.
  • It is user-friendly and extremely handy- you can just strap it to your backpack or your belt and then pair it with your phone via Bluetooth.
  • It functions on low energy.
  • It allows users to download offline maps.
  • Its battery can last for a whole year if not used, and will last for up to 72 hours if used occasionally.
  • Right now, GoTenna is being sold for $ 199 a pair, but the prices may increase when the demand goes up.
  • It is ideal when you go for adventures like hiking, skiing, sailing etc. and at the time of emergencies like natural disasters or while travelling to foreign countries.

How does GoTenna Work?

  • It can be connected to smartphones through Bluetooth to communicate off-grid with other smartphone users who have GoTenna devices .It will create its own network which can be run on a low-frequency, radio wave network. GoTenna also allows the users to text and share their locations. The major goal of the GoTenna venture is to allow smartphone users to contact each other in case of emergency situations. But you don’t have to be off-grid to be able to use GoTenna; you can use it whenever you need a signal.

Success Story

Though merely taking baby steps, due to its fabulous innovative potential, the company has recently announced to haveraised a $7.5 million Series a funding. The startup took life in Brooklyn, in an NYC Resistor hacker space. Though GoTenna started out on self-funding, it was later given financial cushioning by numerous investors like BBG Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Howard Finkelstein, MentorTech Ventures, Walden Venture Capital, etc. As of now, the GoTenna team consists on nine members, including the Perdomo siblings. Daniela Perdomo is the CEO of the startup while Jorge is the CTO.

With the availability of ample funding, the GoTenna team is on the path to upscale the demand for their product. Right now GoTenna appears to have immense potential and the Perdomos are all set to create a revolution in the communication sector and equip its users with seamless, individual networks.


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