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Google’s Project Bloks Makes Coding Fun for Kids

Google Investing In Developing Future Talent Base

Google has come up with Project Bloks- a physical block building exercise that helps kids in learning coding. Big companies are investing in developing talent base by introducing kids to coding at early stage so that they can develop a flair for it. Apple also recently launched Swift Playgrounds- an app designed to teach coding to kids.

Teaching Kids Coding, One Block at a Time

If you proceed to teach the little ones how to code on a computer, the complex coding structures will confuse them. Now you surely don’t want them to get bored at the very sight of it. Companies like Google have understood this. Google Project Bloks is a new and exciting way of teaching kids about coding. It comprises of brain board, base boards and a set of puks.

How It Works

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The base boards can be programmed to perform a task, for e.g. a task to rotate. These base boards are then connected to a puk, which essentially carries specific instruction as to how to rotate, how much and how many times. The whole apparatus is then connected to the brain board, which acts as an information receiver and distributor between your blocks and the device they are connected with.

Watch an example here:

The kids, as shown here, can enjoy connecting pieces of code and have fun while learning the logic behind it.

Vision Behind Project Bloks

Executives at Google think that coding is not just a string of numerical and alphabets; it’s a language. And by teaching kids this language, we enable them to give expression to their creations. At the same time, we help them build a problem-solving attitude.


  • Google Project Bloks help kids learn coding in a simple and playful manner.
  • The kit includes base boards, brain board and puks.
  • With such application-based games, Google hopes to develop the talent pool of tomorrow.

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