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Google reveals Smart AI Assistant that can talk to you

Google Home is a new AI powered talking gadget, which can be your Jarvis. This talking device can listen to your command, fix appointments, control Smart Home Devices and do lot of things.

Soon we will have our own personal assistant to keep us updated and informed as depicted in Sci-Fi movies. Amazon has unveiled ‘Echo’, a couple years ago which works through voice recognition technology, speaker that can be controlled via voice. It is programmed to play music, control lights, search information, fix appointments, etc. Likewise, Google introduced ‘Home’ in I/O 2016. It delivers features much similar to Echo. This will be a direct competition for Amazon product and it is bit more superior due to AI.

Home can assist to perform many basic tasks like controlling lights, playing music from popular streaming platform, checking out flight information, etc. It is activated by command ‘Ok Google’. Through internet it can locate and supply information related with various user queries. It is also compatible with ample of smart home devices. A bit ahead of Amazon Echo, Google Home AI processing and voice recognition can deliver superior results, for example ordering online, booking cab, whatsapp messaging, etc. Google has already tied up with various partners like Uber, Pandora, Spotify, OpenTable, Gett, Instacart, Grubhub, Mytaxi, TuneIn, HailO, WhatsApp, Saavn, etc. Apps and services linked with the partners add more efficiency to Home’s performance.

Google Home looks like a portable speaker. Things to checkout in it, is accuracy of speech recognition technology. Compared to Amazon, Google already has a long experience in delivering voice assistant support via Android Devices; based on that ‘Home’ can, easily gain edge on any existing voice assistant platform.  You can ask a question to the device and via search it can provide answer in real time. It’s an appealing remarkable effort to bring technology among masses.

Various startups are working on IoT devices and in future it will be ruling our homes and offices. Most of them are managed separately due to platform difference. Devices like Google Home can bring up everything at one place and ease control.


  • Google Home is a smart assistant for home and offices. It can offer real time updates, play music and control smart devices.
  • For better efficiency Google has partnered with many platforms. Through AI it is capable of understanding users requirement and assist them in real-time.

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