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Google To Launch Car- Ride Sharing Service In San Francisco, Just Like Uber

Google at an Experimenting Stage !

 What is Google up to?

Tech giant Google will now run its own ride-sharing service in San Francisco like Uber, making itself a competitor of this renowned taxi hailing service.  Maybe this move explains the departing of David Drummond, Alphabet’s executive from Uber. The project was initially started in the month of May.  Google uses Waze app for connecting customers for Carpool.

What is Google planning to do?

The company wants to start this program in fall and avail to all the residents of San Francisco, and later expand it to all other places. This service will be different from Uber’s service. The program will help commuters and drivers share their ride in the same direction. Google is intending to keep it low cost for travelers unlike other companies like Uber and Lyft.

What is Waze?

Waze is a crowd source navigational app that helps drivers with updated information like roadsides, obstacles, storms and traffic jams daily. Started in 2013, it was later acquired by Google. It uses its data in Google Maps app too. Even though both the companies are different; their crucial motive is driverless taxis. Google will also use its self-driving cars for this project.

Google and Uber’s Relationship

Google and Uber had a very good relationship in the past. Previously, Google had also invested in Uber and used Uber as the travel option in Google Maps. The relationship has changed and Uber is trying to reduce its dependency on Google Maps completely.

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