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Google Acquires Qwiklabs For Developers To Teach Cloud Skills

Qwiklabs will close the gap in cloud technologies !

Google’s new Acquisition :

Today Google announced about its new acquisition, Qwiklabs, known as learning-platform for developers who want to become fluent in cloud operating platforms and to write code for application that runs on cloud.

More about Qwiklabs :

Qwiklabs was founded in 2012 and till now was only focused to teach Amazon’s AWS platform. Since it has AWS’ dominance, it makes perfect sense. Amazon also uses Qwiklabs as go-to service for its self-paced labs for developers. The labs also aids  your  team to learn popular cloud service, test different use cases and train to become cloud experts.

What does Google has to say about it :

Google mentioned in its blog that  it “want to help businesses get the most out of their cloud investment and, with Qwiklabs, and  give users a place to learn and expand their cloud skills to deliver more innovation, more features and more efficiency for their customers.”

How will this acquisition help?

With the help of this acquisition, Google will help to close the gap in IP skills in cloud platform and more than half million users have spent more than 5 million hours of learning in deploying and managing various different cloud technologies. Qwiklabs will still continue to offer lab learning credits and subscriptions on its website and AWS labs will continue to function. The company never secured any outside funding and neither Google nor Qwiklabs have revealed acquisition price as of now.

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What do you think about this acquisition and how well it will help  to close the gap faced in cloud technologies? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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