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Go Green with AA Rechargeable Batteries

There are many specialised types of batteries for everything from cameras, computers and watches and even motor vehicles. AA is one of the most popular and common varieties, but while rechargeable batteries seem like a great idea, are they really as good as some claim? Visit RS Components for a full range of AA batteries.

The benefits of AA rechargeable batteries

There are a number of benefits to making use of AA rechargeable batteries. For example, a rechargeable battery will ultimately save the user money. When used in the correct manner rechargeable batteries can be used several hundred or even thousands of times and while their initial cost may be more their longevity mean they will more than pay for themselves over the long term.

Going green is another being benefit of using AA rechargeable batteries. The ability of these batteries to be reused over and over again means there is less manufacture and transport of batteries required than is the case with those varieties that can only be used once. The reality is that rechargeable batteries can actually use up to 23 times less of our natural resources than with disposable batteries.

Using rechargeable batteries also protects the environment in another way. Many people are unaware of just how sizeable an impact on the environment single-use batteries have had. Corrosive materials, heavy metals and various unpleasant chemicals have been very bad for the natural world.

Disposable batteries are well known to usually be the alkaline varieties that contain very high mercury levels and although this has decreased over the years some types do still contain mercury.

However the good news is that rechargeable batteries have 28 times less of a negative impact on global warming, nine times less on air acidification, twelve times less on water pollution, and thirty times less on air pollution. The most common type of AA rechargeable battery are NiMH (Nickel-metal hydride), which have superior life and performance and contain far less heavy metals.

Performance is another big benefit of AA rechargeable batteries. Many of the rechargeable batteries that are used today will actually last longer after just one charge than is the case with their disposable equivalents, particularly in high-drain devices.


AA rechargeable batteries were once regarded as a fringe item but can now be found in convenience stores, supermarkets and wholesalers as well as being widely available online. With that increase in availability and brand competition, it is now both more affordable and simply much easier to make a choice that is environmentally friendly.

When you have decided to make the switch to using AA rechargeable batteries, it is still important to know how to correctly dispose of single use batteries, and even rechargeable batteries after they have eventually worn out. Used batteries are accepted by many retail outlets and there are also recycling stations that will be easy to find by using online search.

AA rechargeable batteries are definitely the superior option in every respect, and it is important for users to keep track of them, keep them out of high temperatures and direct sunlight and recharge them regularly without overcharging.

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