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Ghost Hunting- A Weird Idea Which Got Success!

Are you inquisitive to know about the paranormal and spooky activities in a new house you are about to buy? Or, are you a professional or an amateur ghost hunter visiting thick woods, abandoned houses or cemeteries looking for possible signs of supernatural things? Some entrepreneurs have found a way to track anomalous activities or have fun around it. You may find them weird, but they are worth a try.

Here are five such apps which are doing a great job at ghostbusting!

This app helps to find if someone ever died at any valid address of the USA. It was founded by a software engineer Roy Condrey in 2013. The idea struck him when a tenant asked if the house he owns is haunted. He created a database of the people’s death on the basis of addresses by collecting all the records from death certificates, news reports and over 130 million police records covering all 50 states of America. Then, he also added information about having any underground meth labs, registered sex offenders or incidents of fires, suicides or murders on the specific address. Any such disclosure can reduce the cost of the property by 25 to 30%. One search can cost $11.99 to a customer. claims to have sold more than 40,000 searches so far. The founder is working on expanding its services to other countries of the world also.diedinhouse


Spud Pickles is a mobile app company founded in 2008 by Jack Jones. It’s most famous app is Ghost Radar which provides entertainment with a twist of supernatural activities. This app can detect any paranormal activity and show it on the radar. It is one of a kind supernatural activity tracking app that claims to use quantum fluctuations, electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds to detect ghosts and spooky activities near you. It also includes a voice to let you know when interesting words have been detected. Ghost Radar is available in three versions:  Classic, which is the original app with its original graphics and capabilities; Legacy which provides a visual interface and also uses the latest mobile hardware; and Connect which is an upgraded version of Legacy and has features like audio recording, social sharing, etc. Spud Pickles website recommends that the app should be used for entertainment purposes only and it just helps the users to have fun by tricking others. So, the results may not be 100% true.SpudPickles1

Ghost Hunter M2

Developed by twin brothers Michael and David Weber in 2012, this app gives advanced ghost hunting tools like EMF detector, Geoscope instrument, Audio Detection Instrument, Sensor Sweep instrument and EVP recorder. It is a very sophisticated paranormal investigation toolkit with a very friendly user interface.  It is ideal for both novice as well experienced paranormal investigators. However, it does not guarantee accurate results of the existence of ghosts, so it should be looked at more as an entertainment app.Ghost Hunter M2

Spirit Story Box

This app was launched in 2013 and developed by Streamside Software. It is the official ghost hunting app for Spaced Out Radio, a blog talk radio program featuring experts in ufology, cryptozoology and the paranormal. It boasts of a cutting-edge technology pioneered by scientifically trained paranormal investigators. It can detect and establish simple sentence communication with nearby ghosts by tracking certain environmental elements. But, the developers say that this app is intended for entertainment purpose only.Spirit Story Box


This 5-year-old electromagnetic detector is the brainchild of Joshua Waller. It acts as an improved version of a home security system. It comes with a variety of filters which allow for finer calibration of readings. It can even zero out your device, cancel out the Earth’s ambient field, and apply a low pass filter to sensor out unwanted noise. This app is recommended for serious paranormal experts.

Could you have ever thought ghost hunting could be an innovative startup idea to explore? This is a classic case of niche product-market fit.

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